Grain Tidbits - April 20, 2018


10:49 AM 4/20/2018

Improving weather in the US is contributing to weakness in all the grains.  The southern plains is forecast to receive beneficial rains this morning, and temperatures will be warming up starting this weekend and looking like a return to more normal seasonal temps for the next two weeks.  

Trade disputes with China continue to weigh on prices as well.  There are reports that several cargoes of US sorghum that are destined for China, have changed course since China's tax announcement on US sorghum imports on Tuesday.  This brings uncertainty in the market over the status of US soybean import status into China.  China is also seeking Brazilian soybeans.  Export sales for the week failed to stimulate the market.  Last weeks corn sales were the 4th best for the period moving out bushels.

Hopefully we will see field activity in our area soon!  Have a safe planting season!
Jim Gallagher