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A Century of Family Farming - Lyren Farms

Sep 17, 2019

Who? Lyren Farms
What? Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cattle
How They Got Started
Currently on the sixth generation, the Lyren family has been in the farming business since 1889. Dwight and Katy Lyren, who currently live on the original farmland, have two children: Tony and Alex. Dwight has been working on the farm for over 40 years and Alex has been there since 2018. Tony is also a part of the operation, while working full time at Full Circle Ag in Doland.

Where They Are Now
After attending Mitchell Tech for Precision Ag and Electrical Construction, Alex has been on the farm ever since. “Being around family is the best part. It’s nice being a part of the family business and working together.”

Tony, a South Dakota State University graduate, was able to take advantage of Full Circle Ag’s internship program in 2013 and was the recipient of the Careers in Agriculture scholarship program offered through Full Circle Ag as well. “I really enjoy seeing our work. With farming, you can do things and it feels like what you’re doing really matters.”

Dwight thoroughly enjoys the time spent with the kids and grandkids on the farm. Seeing him talk about the way his granddaughter helps feed calves is priceless. “Just having them around and helping is great. They love to ride in the tractors, feed cows, and pick corn. My oldest granddaughter goes right up to the cows and waits for them to come lick her. She loves it!” It might be a toss up as to who enjoys that more: Eva or Grandpa.

Between teaching high school English at both the Doland High School and Hillside Colony, Katy helps on the farm. “She’s very helpful when it comes to raking and bee counting. Not growing up on a farm, she has really stepped in to help when she can.”
Conservation Improvements
For the last decade, the Lyrens have taken the initiative to participate in conservation practices on their land in order to improve soil, water, plant, and animal life. They have done both full season and post-season small grain cover crop, habitat for bees, water improvements, rotational grazing, etc.

“By definition, conservation is how we preserve the most important aspects of our farm. Soil, native species, and water quality are integral components to farming and ranching on both macro and micro levels. Conservation techniques are how we protect our lifestyle and hope to improve our existing resources.”
A huge thanks to Lyren Farms for being our Producer of the Month and we hope you have a safe and prosperous 2019 harvest season!

Fearless Eva showed us how to feed cows. 301 has a sweet tooth!

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