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Spring is Here

Apr 08, 2019

Spring is Here

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar, and it appears it truly is. This winter has been one I believe everyone is ready to close the books on.

Due to the challenging winter we’ve had, there are obvious strains going on in the market place today.  The thaw in our geography has been slow which is good in my opinion.  Our thoughts go out to our neighbors to the south that have been burdened with catastrophic flooding and unfathomable losses to property and livestock.

As if spring wasn’t going to be tough enough with the challenges we faced last fall with the lack of fertilizing and field work getting done, now we are looking at potential logistic issues to the freight system to get product in the sheds in a timely manner.  Due to the flooding down south, the river system to replenish the cities with product is strained and looking like an early May timeframe to see the first vessel, do the math on that. 

Some may look at the flooding down south as an opportunity for the nitrogen market to drop, I would agree the potential is there on UAN, but not on urea since their primary spring nitrogen source is UAN.  I’m afraid we will see another repeat of last spring with everyone going at once further straining our freight system.

We will do everything within our capacity to alleviate these challenges to your farm this spring but ask in advance to consider the challenges that every retailer will be facing this spring.

During the month of March, we had our Acres to Insight meetings with great attendance.  We thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to attend and hope you were able to take some key things away to help your farming operation be successful in 2019.  There will be meetings held throughout the growing season and look forward to seeing you there.  For dates and times, please contact your local sales agronomist. 

With that, I would like to wish everyone a safe spring.  Just remember – your family is depending on you to come home safely, so please do not take any unnecessary risks.  We will all get through the challenges of spring, just like we do every year.

Ehren Grupe

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