Weekly Insights - November 2, 2018

November is upon us and harvesting is going hard on corn. I had to make a trip to Aberdeen yesterday. I went down by Hwy 37 and came back by way of Pierpont. There seems to be a lot of corn disappearing from this time a week ago. Hopefully the weather holds for another couple of weeks.

Fuel markets continue in a bearish fashion. As of this writing the sanctions on Iran seem to have taken a back seat to the news of record production from the US for August of 11.35 mbpd. The inventory on crude has risen for the last two weeks running. These mentioned are enough to drive the market down despite the inventory drops on refined products. I have had a couple questions on spring FM contracts which are currently running $2.53-$2.55. A little high. My marketer says watch, wait, and listen. Seems like sound advice to me at this early stage of the game.

Myron asked me to mention the TPP (Total Protection Plan). This is the CHS warranty plan that exceeds every OEM warranty on the market. It is available for new and select used equipment. There is no deductible and no burden of proof. The only requirements are the use of CHS oils and the use of Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel fuel, and an oil sample sent in prior to acceptance in the program. For any questions call myself or Myron at 605-448-8283.

Just a quick bit of trivia: our Forman Grain location now has both dryers running after a fire in one of them to keep ahead of the wet corn coming in. The question is how much LP do they burn? By my calculations approximately 500 gals an hour, or a 12,000 gal transport every 24-36 hours.  

Thanks for your patronage and have a safe harvest

Brian Beck

Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

Britton Area


Aberdeen/Groton Area


Doland Area


Forman/Gwinner Area


**Please call for exact pricing as prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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