Weekly Insights - November 19, 2018

Once again, mother nature has unkindly thrown us a curve ball. The El Nino I keep hearing about seems less likely every time the ground turns white. Mr. Weatherman claims the 2nd half of November is supposed to be warmer than normal and dry. I believe the 2nd half started yesterday with snow. Hmmm…

It has been another roller coaster week in the energy markets. The markets have been in a downhill slide for close to a month. We haven’t seen prices this low since late spring, but they are still 10-15 cents higher than the yearly low. I am still looking for the low to be after the first of the year. There is a scheduled meeting of OPEC and followers on the 6th of Dec. It will be interesting to see what knowledge comes out of it.

Let’s look into the world of propane for a bit. As is the norm the last few years, transportation and product are in short supply…again. The majority of propane for FCA is supposed to come from Wolsey. Unfortunately, when demand is high, they are the first terminal to run out. Then we go to Yankton, and lastly to Hannaford, ND - if allocation is available. Currently, we are pulling product out of San Born, Iowa as Rock Rapids is also out. The moral of the story is at least until harvest is done, I spend a lot of time on the phone making sure our supply needs are met so FCA can meet yours.
Thanks for your patronage and have a safe harvest.

Brian Beck
Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

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