Weekly Insights - June 15, 2018

Good afternoon. Seems like most of our territory received some rain earlier this week. Reports vary widely, from .5 inch to 1.25 inches. In some areas it was needed badly. If the weather reports are to be believed there is a good chance for rain his weekend also.

Energy markets…what interesting things to watch.  The geopolitical arena seems to have slowed down some as there really hasn’t been much this week to affect the markets. The only item in today’s news is two of Libya’s export terminals are shut down due to political unrest but that is having no effect on the markets. Word on the street is the OPEC meeting coming up next week. The feeling is they may raise output to compensate for Venezuela and Iran. Some say depending on the outcome it could affect energy policy for the rest of 2018. There is a possibility that supply and demand is actually working the markets this week. The first third of the week the markets were off a minute amount. After the negative inventory report Wednesday, they did a sharp turn around, but as I write this, traders are taking back most of the gains from Wednesday. As of this week, diesel fuel is .06 cheaper than this time last month but still .08 higher than April. Right now, we are in a wait and see mode with the meeting next week sure to affect the markets.
Sometime in the next 7-10 days, letters should be going out pertaining to LP summer fill, contracts, and budget plans. Look for them in your mail. We tentatively have our summer fill price set but this is still subject to change prior to July 1st which is the official start date of summer fill. Also a reminder…if you need work done on your heating and/or dryer system please call and get on the list so we can schedule you in.                                                                                                                                                              
Have a good week and thanks for your patronage.

Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

Britton Area


Aberdeen/Groton Area


Doland Area


Forman/Gwinner Area


**Please call for exact pricing as prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.