Weekly Insights - July 27, 2018

Good afternoon to all. Seems like we have had a change in the weather pattern. For approximately the last month it seems like every time a cloud pops up, it squirts out a little rain. Good? Bad? Definitely better than the las 3-4 years but if it lasts into harvest...well, we've dealt with it before.

Then there are the fuel markets. As you may recall, there was a drastic sell-off in the market during the second and third weeks of July. Since then, the market has reclaimed all of its losses plus. Reasoning? Right now, there are two major shipping channels in the middle east. Iran is threatening to block one and the other had oil tankers attacked yesterday and ships are now avoiding it. This has the potential to be a major disruption in the flow of crude. Of course all news stories are open to interpretation of the writer and the reader. Right now, I have a gut feelingthat if fuel and propane tanks out in the country are full pre-harvest versus trying to fill at harvest, then the supply chain will flow much easier!

Propane: I would strongly encourage everyone to give some serious consideration to at a minimum summer fill for your grain dryer tanks. Covering at least some of your needs with a contract would also be a good choice. If you don’t use it you DO NOT lose it. The money will still be available to you to use. Propane summer fills will be going until August 31st.  If we can help you out, please call myself or the main office.

Have a good week and thanks for your patronage.

Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

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