Fuel For Thought - December 10, 2018

Zach’s Propane Safety Tips and Information

  1. Propane is a colorless odorless gas. It has an odorant added called ETHYL MERCAPTAN. It smells somewhat like rotten eggs. If you smell this in your house, shop, barn, etc, be sure to leave the building and dial 911 and/or call your LP supplier. DO NOT pick up a phone, flip any light switches, or do anything to make a spark.

  2. FCA sends out a safety mailings each summer to all LP customers. Please go through it with your family. Learn some of the properties of LP, learn the smell, and also teach all adults and teens in your family where the tank shutoff is and how to use it.

  3. Make every effort to NOT let your tank run empty. This requires a special trip to fill the tank. It also requires a leak check to make sure you don’t have a leak. Either someone from FCA or a furnace service company also needs to light all pilots on your appliances. This is for customer safety and also to make sure appliances are working properly. This situation will also require an adult to be home. Fees are assessed per instance.

  4. When ordering a fill, the optimum percentage to place an order is 20%-30%. This allows FCA ample time to schedule you in on our route.

  5. The average daily usage for home heat that relies solely on LP is 4 gals per day. Example of how to figure this out: 500 gal tank at 40% = 200 gals. (500 x 40%).  200 gals / 4 gals per day = 50 day supply of LP in your tank.  (200/4). This is just an average. Some use 2-3 gals per day but some use 6 gals per day. If your calculations equal a 45 day supply, error on the side of caution and assume 30 days. Using this knowledge, it is unnecessary to order when your take is above 30%. It is necessary to order when your take is at 20% - 30%.

  6. LP is heavier than air. If you have a leak, LP will settle in the lowest spot available. Basement crawl spaces, drains, sump holes etc.

  7. Any changes to your LP system (added or deleted appliances, modifications) need to be noted to your supplier. Any of these will alter the usage and your LP supplier will notice this and wonder why.

  8. LP is a very safe and efficient energy source when treated with respect. Do not get careless. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at FCA.

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