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Don’t Overthink Seed Selection: Use the Data

Feb 27, 2020

Hybrid selection is perhaps the most important agronomic decision a farmer makes each year. The soils and climates of Full Circle Ag’s trade territory are highly diverse.  This diversity creates a situation where a hybrid that grows incredibly well in the hills of Pierpont may not be as effective in the heavier, siltier soils to the west. 

Each Full Circle Ag salesperson goes through extensive training each year on our entire catalog of hybrids across our three major partner brands.  Despite this training, the catalogs can be overwhelming and stretch across a wide number of maturities that each salesperson may not deal with regularly.  This mass of information has led to the development of the Winfield United Characterization Charts, better known as the CHT Tool. 
The CHT tool allows salespeople and farmers to look at real side-by-side data of various hybrids of all our partner brands across several variables.  Farmers and salespeople can look at actual yield data from high and low nitrogen scenarios and three levels of yield environment.  This visual presentation of the tool allows for farmers and salespeople to easily track which hybrids are favorable for their situation and which are not.
Beyond comparing several hybrids as a first-time purchase for a certain field, the CHT tool also allows farmers to compare data of a new hybrid against a tried and true hybrid they are all planting on their farm.  For example, 3575VT2P has been touted as a potential replacement for 3499VT2P.  When 2019’s data is compared in the CHT tool, it appears that 3575VT2P has now surpassed 3499VT2P in most categories.  However, 3499VT2P consistently outperforms 3575VT2P on non-rotated acres (corn-on-corn) and slightly outperforms on coarse textured soils.  This the beauty of the CHT tool.  A farmer might have 350 acres of fine-textured rotated ground that is just crying out for 3575VT2P.  He might also have 80 acres that’s going to have to be corn-on-corn that just happens to be on a side hill with sandy soils.  The tool makes this decision easy.
The CHT tool is a great analytical database and all Full Circle Ag customers should take an opportunity to meet with your salesperson and look at it.  Don’t get locked into one hybrid just because it has worked for you in the past.  Take a look at your current hybrids versus new products and see if anything coming down the pipeline might work for your farm. 

Tony Lyren


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