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Data Driven Decisions: The BEST way to make money on your seed in 2019

Jan 17, 2019

Off the top of your head, can you count the factors that go into your seed placement decisions? Past seed performance, management practices, and soil type are just a few of the factors that could be on your list. There is no doubt that there are ‘gut’ feelings that goes into seed selection as well. With technology evolving, the importance of quality data to help make solid seed decisions has become more readily available. Full Circle Ag provides some of the latest tools in Ag Technology that can provide key data points to consider for your 2019 growing season.

Unbiased Product Comparisons

One of the many tools available includes the Corn Characterization Charts (CHT Tool), which has data on seed varieties major seed companies, including Croplan, NK, and Dekalb. The CHT Tool can be used to compare multiple seed brands and hybrids on how they are projected to perform on your field during your seed purchasing and seed placement process.

Making the Most of the Data

The R7 Tool’s CHT Charts can help you take the guess work out of your field planning process. You can also find the Top 10 list of the best-performing corn hybrids for the soil type in the area within the R7 Tool. This will allow you to identify the best genetic choices for your soil type and management practices. Other information on response to population, crop rotation activity, yield potential, and photos of the ear and stalk can also be found in the CHT Tool.

It Doesn’t Stop at Planning

We all know that the planning process does not stop with seed. The Ag Technology available to you at Full Circle Ag can help you with more precise in-season management. Our data includes Response-To Scores, and when paired with the Corn Characterization Charts, you will be able to make the most of your in-season management practices. Better data-driven decisions for in-season management is the future of corn production. To achieve higher yielding corn and a greater ROI, consider using the most up-to-date decision-making tools in Ag Technology.

Above is a filtered look at the CHT Tool's comparison between 3499VT2P/RIB and 3575VT2P/RIB. As you can see by the data, the 3499VT2P/RIB and 3575VT2P/RIB have a different yield scores depending on the management practives on the field.

Contact your local Full Circle Ag Agronomist today to see how you can access the CHT Tool and R7 to help optimize your 2019 growing season!

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